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Monday, September 11, 2017

Aug 28 - Sep 11, 2017 Lisbon, New Hampshire

Nestled near the White Mountains in New Hampshire are the towns of Littleton and Lisbon. Our campsite is the KOA in Lisbon. It's a small place right on the Ammonoosuc River... very nice place and area. The drive here was on a winding road with views of rivers, mountains and a few covered bridges...

New State!!!

At one time, there were 400 covered bridges in New Hampshire. Today there are 54. We spent 3 full days visiting 24 of them. Beautiful!!!

Albany Bridge, 1858, 120'

Bacon Bridge, 1912, 146'

Bartlett Bridge, 1857, 166'

Bath Bridge, 1832, 375'

Bath-Haverhill Bridge, 1829, 256'

Blair Bridge, 1869, 293'

Bump Bridge, 1972, 68'

Clark's Bridge, 1963, 120'

Columbia Bridge, 1912, 146'

Durgin Bridge, 1869, 96'

Groveton Bridge, 1852, 126'

Happy Corner Bridge, 1800's, 61'

Honeymoon Bridge, 1939, 122'

Jack O' Lantern Bridge, 1987, 76'

Littleton Bridge, 2004, 300'

Lunenburg Bridge, 1911, 266'

Mechanic Street Bridge, 1862, 94'

River Road Bridge, 1858, 51'

Saco River Bridge, 1890, 245'

Squam River Bridge, 1990, 61'

Stark Bridge, 1954, 134'

Swift River Bridge, 1991, 128'

Swiftwater Bridge, 1977, 158'

Whittier Bridge, 1870's, 133'

There are more than 100 beautiful waterfalls in the White Mountains! We were able to see some of them in this area.

Beecher Cascade

Flume Cascade

Gibbs Cascade

Jackson Falls

Lake Francis

Lower Ammonoosuc Falls

Pearl Cascade

Ripley Falls

Silver Cascade

Swiftwater Falls

Mt. Washington
Not too far from us is the Presidential Mountains. The tallest one being Mt Washington. It is usually cloud covered... only 60 days a year on average are clear. We got lucky and had one of those clear days. The highest winds in the world have been recorded on this mountain at around 231 MPH outside a cyclone.  You can drive to the top, but it is a hard drive... maybe we can do that next time. This time we went up on a Cog train. This was really great, especially with the good weather...

Mt. Washington, the highest peak to the right (6288 ft)...

The Cog train to the top...

Half way... look at the angle of the rail!!! At the steepest it is almost 45 degrees!

The views are stunning!!

Some of the Presidential Mountains... from left to right... Clay (5553 ft), Jefferson (5725 ft), Adams (5805 ft) and Madison (5380 ft).

At the top!
The stone building is the 1853 Tip Top House which is believed to be the oldest mountaintop hostelry in the world.


Just a few pictures of some of the views in the area. The leaves are just starting to turn.





We absolutely LOVE New Hampshire... hope to be back soon!!!

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