Fallingwater, PA

Monday, October 3, 2016

September 22 Oct 3, 2016 Los Alamos, New Mexico

Drove over 32 hours and 1500 miles from Anacortes to Los Alamos, New Mexico. It rained most of the way except around the Moab area... pretty miserable drive. Set up camp near Andrew's house, but had to move since the place is really a parking lot with electricity (no water or sewer). Moved to Roadrunner RV Park... not many thrills, but closer to Andrew's... about 30 minutes.



Andrew's house is very old and need a lot of TLC, but when done it is going to be very nice... we got to work right away...


In a week, we painted most of the house inside, made some repairs and help clear up the garage so he can put his truck in... Lots more to do... next time!!!