Fallingwater, PA

Monday, October 16, 2017

Oct 13-16, 2017 Somerset, Pennsylvania

Started our voyage back to Houston, but a few stops on the way. First Somerset, PA for 3 days. This is about 30 mins to Shanksville, PA where flight 93 crashed on 9/11. We wanted to visit the memorial.


This is a beautiful and peaceful place. There is a visitors center where you learn about the events of the day (9/11). The dark area above is an observation deck where you can see the crash site. It is lined up in the direction the plane traveled.

From there you can see a gate, again, lined up in the direction of travel and a boulder that indicates the point of the crash. The gate is only opened on 9/11 and only family members are allowed to walk through it to the boulder.

Next to the gate is a long marble wall. Next to that, the wall is composed of individual marble slabs, each carved with the name of one of the passengers and crew. Each slab is different signifying the individuality of all the victims.


A must visit for every American...

Fallingwater is a house designed in 1935 by Frank Lloyd Wright. It was designed for a Pittsburgh department store owner who used it for a private residence and weekend home until he donated it and the surrounding 1543 acres to the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy. The house has three tiers suspended over a stream that leads to a 30' waterfall. It is one of Wright's most acclaimed works, one of the most photographed homes in the world, and named one of the great works of American architecture. Since opening to the public, it has received over 5 million visitors.

This is the guesthouse...

The grounds are beautiful...

On the way to the Flight 93 Memorial and also to Fallingwater, we ran into some covered bridges. They are all over Pennsylvania. We managed to visit these...

Glessner Bridge, 1881

Trostletown Bridge, 1873

Kings Bridge, 1802

Barronvale Bridge, 1830

Lower Humbert Bridge, 1891

Short visit, so we'll have to come back...

Friday, October 13, 2017

Sep 25 - Oct 13, 2017 Dummerston, Vermont - Part 3

Part 3


Kent's Corner Bridge, 1994
Drove by this bridge and missed it. Stopped at a country store, and when they stopped laughing, told us where the bridge was... they cannot understand why the bridge is in the guides. You can hardly fit one person in it, it is on private property and does not look "safe"... too funny!

Martin Bridge, 1890

Coburn Bridge, 1851

Robbins Nest Bridge, 1864

Slaughter House Bridge, 1872

These next three bridges (Station, Newell and Upper Cox Brook) are on the same road very close to each other...
Station Bridge, 1872

Newell Bridge, 1872

Upper Cox Brook Bridge, 1872

Mosley Bridge, 1899

Lincoln Gap Bridge, 2000

Village/Waitsfield Bridge, 1833

Pine Brook Bridge, 1872

Other Pictures we liked from day 6...








We realized that we are right at the border with New Hampshire and there were a few bridges very close to us... so we decided to visit these since we were so close...

Cresson Bridge, 1859

Carlton Bridge, 1869

Thompson Bridge, 1832

Slate Bridge, 2001

Coombs Bridge, 1837

Ashuelot Bridge, 1864

Other Pictures we liked from day 7...





And last some additional foliage pictures...
















Vermont is beautiful this time of year and we will definitely be back!!!

We achieved our goal to see the leaves turn in Vermont... now begins the journey back with a couple of stops... next will be to visit Shanksville and the 9/11 memorial...