Fallingwater, PA

Monday, August 28, 2017

Aug 14 - 28, 2017 Lake George, NY

Long 5 hour drive from Batavia to Lake George... a $51 toll!!! These tolls in NY are incredible... so far we have paid over $200 in tolls in NY... and the freeways are no better than in Louisiana!!! Where is the money going???  Ok, enough bitching... Arrived at the Adirondack Camping Village. A little tight campground for our coach... missed a turn and had to back up a steep road to get on the right road. Once set up, it's a nice place, but next to the interstate and you can hear the traffic when outside the coach. OK, enough bitching and I mean it this time...

Just 5 minutes from our campsite is the town of Lake George. It is a one street shopping area with lots of Motels/Hotels and restaurants. There are plenty of tour boats and water activities and even a couple of beaches... water is way too cold for us.



There are many tour boats on the lake...

Just east of Lake George is Lake Champlain. A smaller lake, but long and narrow...


At the southwest corner of Lake George is Prospect Mountain. From here you have some fantastic views of Lake George and the surrounding area.

View of the Million Dollar Beach on the south end of Lake George...

At the top of prospect mountain there was a hotel and a cable train to bring guests from the Lake George area. The hotel burned down twice not be rebuilt again and these are the remains of the railroad cable car...

Drove to Luzerne to look at Luzerne Lake. It turns out that Luzerne Lake is very small and completely built around, so not easy to take a look. However, we were pleasantly surprised that the Hudson River goes through Luzerne and is the narrowest point of the Hudson...

Just down the road from Luzerne is Sacandaga Lake... A gorgeous lake with a lot of private property around, but kept very nice and heavily wooded.

Wanted to find an isolated place to watch the eclipse. Ran into this cute, super small park in the town of Fort Ann, NY. Champlain Canal is next to the park. Enjoyed watching the 65% eclipse...



This small town is just north of the town of Lake George. Gives you some shopping and a different view of Lake George...


About an hour and a half north of Lake George is Lake Placid. The winter olympics were held here in 1980. Winter Olympic training facilities are still here. This whole area is absolutely drop dead beautiful. Although a lot of people live in the area, it still has a feel of the woods with tons of lakes in the area and beautiful mountains...

Lake Placid


Mirror Lake

Flower Lake

Saranac Lake

Lower Cascade Lake

Rock Climbers

Olympic Facilities

Ausable River



Chapel Pond


Miscellaneous View

This whole area from Lake George to Lake Placid is part of the Adirondack Mountains. Absolutely breathtaking views, mountains, rivers and lakes. It is a huge area and unfortunately we could only see the east and north parts because of where we are located. Look forward to visit the rest on a future trip...