Fallingwater, PA

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Jul 23 - 31 Etna, California

Arrived at the small town of Etna (Pop. 770) to be close to the trail which is only about 12 miles away. Set up camp at the only park around, Mountain Village RV Park. This is a very small, no thrills park with long but narrow sites... good thing the park is mostly empty. Not much on facilities but at least the Wi-Fi works most of the time.



An hour drive from Etna is the town of Mount Shasta and from there it's a 30 minute drive to the highest drivable point up the mountain... very nice views to the top...

At the highest drivable point you are at just under 8,000', the top of the mountain is 14,100' around 500' shorter than Mount Whitney... These views are from the 8,000' level...

Laying on the north foothills of Mount Shasta is this little lake... very nice and tranquil even though there are houses all around.



45 minutes south of Etna is Trinity Lake. The drive was fairly steep in the mountains with really nice views and more than a few streams along the way...


Trinity Lake is way too low! My guess is that at least 40' or so low. The boat ramp has no water on it. People have to drive to the mud below to put their boat in the water. Imagine this view full of water!


This was an unexpected surprise... One of the locals suggested a visit and we were very surprised at this well kept secret!! The following pictures are on the way there...


Lily Pad Lake is on the way up, high in the mountain...

...and this is Kangaroo Lake


Saturday, July 23, 2016

Jul 16 - 23 Red Bluff, California

Stayed at Durango RV Resort in Red Bluff... It's July and the temperature here is 100!!! Red Bluff sits at around 350' above sea level. We have not been this low for a while... The resort is very nice. Completely paved with very nice trees and fountains around the park. It has a large pool, hot tub and a large common area. The town is not very big, but it has a few restaurants and grocery stores.



North of Red Bluff is Lake Shasta and Dam. The lake level is somewhat low because they had to increase the flow out of the lake into the river so salmon can find their way to the spawning grounds... very nice lake and big!

Lake Shasta
Mount Shasta
The Dam

Visited this fantastically beautiful national park. The views are outstanding as you can see!

Lake Helen


Emerald Lake
Lassen Peak

Lassen Peak
Kings Creek Falls

Burney Falls is just outside the town of Burney...


Saturday, July 16, 2016

Jul 07 - 16 Quincy, California PART 3

This was our last week here...

Drove to Sierra City to resupply our hikers. Very nice small town... The views getting there are really stunning...


On the drive back from Sierra City we stopped at Sardine Lake. There is an upper lake (the larger one) and a lower lake. Very nice lakes, but crowded... must be summer!!


Quincy-Laporte Road
Traveled on this road to surprise our hikers with an unplanned reunion with ice cold gatorades. Beautiful drive with thick forest and river crossings as you can see...



Hydrated and ready to go...


The team stayed one very short night with us to resupply. The next morning we drove to Bucks Lake Summit to drop them off. Had an unexpected adventure... Almost to the peak, we found a guy that had just crashed his motorcycle. We stopped and helped him until he was in the ambulance and eventually in a helicopter that would take him to the trauma center in Chico. Later than anticipated, we left the guys to continue the trail...

At Bucks Lake Summit we met "Coppertone"... This guy has spent the last 4 summers driving along the PCT to give the hikers fruit, cookies and according to our hikers "The best Root Beer Floats in the World"!!!

Coppertone is the one pointing...

We received an update that the motorcyclist had a broken arm and leg, but he will be fine... Success!

We left Quincy today, but made some good friends and will miss the area... We will be back!!!