Fallingwater, PA

Monday, September 25, 2017

Sep 18-25, 2017 Trenton, Maine

Staying at Narrows Too Campground, a nice, comfortable park with plenty of space for large coaches. We're right on the Bay and about 10 miles from downtown Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park... The area is an island called Mountain Dessert Island. About half the island is the Acadia National Park. The rest is a series of towns, the largest of which is Bar Harbor.

The park is fantastic! On the coast, it has a series of rocky cliffs right on the water which makes for fantastic views!







In the middle of the National Park is Cadillac Mountain. You can drive to the top and it gives you a panoramic view of Mount Desert Island...






Took a drive around the island... these are some of the places we visited... The Lighthouse is Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse




Bar Harbor is the largest town in the island and the main port of entry for cruise ships. It is a very beautiful  harbor as you can see... The lighthouse is Egg Rock Lighthouse.





This is a great area that we would love to come back to... now off to Vermont!!!

Monday, September 18, 2017

Sep 11 - 18, 2017 Hermon, Maine

Very nice mountain driving from New Hampshire to Hermon, Maine (just outside Bangor). Good campsite with long sites, but nothing much here except a restaurant on the premises...

New state!!!

Drove along the coast to visit some of the many lighthouses on the Maine coast... The drive was great but long. It takes a long time to go just a few miles because these are all country roads at speed limits between 45 and 25 MPH...

Dyce Head Lighthouse
This lighthouse and house are owned by the town of Castine, ME. The house is occupied by a gentleman who keeps up the property in exchange for rent... I want that job!!!

Fort Point Lighthouse
The lighthouse is private property, but you can visit the perimeter...

Owl's Head Lighthouse
Owned by the US Government and operated by the US Coast Guard, this is an absolutely stunning place. It has a house, but it is not occupied. We volunteer to man the place!!!

Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse
Like the name implies, there is a 0.7mile rock breakwater structure to get to the lighthouse. It is a nice walk but watch your step!

Visited Stephen King's house in Bangor... It was built in the 1850's at a cost of $7,000... it is now worth $1.2 Million. I guess this is where the "Magic" is created...notice the red balloon in the window...

Drove to Lubec, Maine. This little town is on the border with Canada and has one of the nicest lighthouses. Although it was a nice day all the way to Lubec, when we got there it was completely fogged over. We hung around for a couple of hours, but the fog did not lift... Here is the best we could do with pictures...


In the town of Lubec you can see this lighthouse that actually sits on the Canadian side...


This park, two hours north of Bangor, is home to Mount Katahdin, This is where the Appalachian Trail northern terminus is. The park is big and beautiful...

Mt. Katahdin












Now off to Bar Harbor!!!