Fallingwater, PA

Friday, April 21, 2017

April 17-24, 2017 Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Short drive north from Broadway we arrived in Gettysburg, PA. Good campground with lots of fields for horses and trees are starting to bloom...

...and... first time camping in Pennsylvania!!!

Nice old town with fairly narrow roads and tons of historic buildings. A must visit while here...


Our campsite is about a quarter of a mile to the Gettysburg Battlefield Park Visitors Center. This is really impressive. They keep the cannons around where they were during the battles and you can get a sense of how it was fought and how bloody it was... It's a self guided car tour with over 24 miles of battlefields, monuments and historical information. It took us three days to go through the park. These few pictures do not do justice to the battlefield...








Although it is part of the park, it deserves its own section... This is where Abraham Lincoln delivered his "Gettysburg Address" and it's where over 6,000 union soldiers and over 3,600 confederate soldiers are buried. About half of the Civil War Soldiers buried here are unidentified... There are also soldiers buried here from other wars, such as Vietnam, WWI, WWII, etc...
Memorial to Abraham Lincoln
Close to the spot where he delivered his Gettysburg Address


Soldiers from Other Wars

Civil War Identified Soldiers
Name and Rank are Inscribed
Civil War Unknown Soldiers
Just Numbered


HARPERS FERRY - West Virginia
Took a day and drove about an hour south to Harpers Ferry in West Virginia. This is home of the Appalachian Trail headquarters.





Toby as usual was the main attraction...